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How Does Automating Processes Grow Field Service Revenue?

As the market continuously shifts and economic factors still play havoc on the field service industry, many companies are searching for ways to make more with less, while still staying profitable.

An article on the Construction Executive website has some great points every field services firm should remember. For one thing, automating processes is always a good idea because it can save time and money. Second, by tracking project data, you can more accurately estimate job costs for new projects. Both these tasks can be achieved through the use of a good CRM tool.

In a down economy, construction companies reacted, using lower cost subcontractors, cutting staff and profit margins on product bids. While some of this was necessary to stay afloat, some of the load can be lightened through proper processes and data management.

By using CRM tools, contractors and estimators can bid on more projects in less time — with less effort. This will produce more bids, and hopefully lead to more work. It can also ensure projects stay within projected costs and can be managed accordingly. These details would need to be available to others in the company, such as the finance department, so costs can be tracked efficiently.

In addition, the Construction Executive article mentions that the right CRM tool must provide reporting capabilities. This can be done through dashboards showing owners and managers the specific information that requires their attention, such as bid due dates and projects that are not meeting budget specifications.

Field services firms can only benefit when they have the right technology in place. With proper training and evaluation, automating business processes can help contractors retain a high level of success and customer management.

Tracking and reporting are important factors, but the proper software tool is also a key to collaboration within the company. Communication, accountability and streamlining processes are welcome side effects of using a good CRM tool.

Source: Construction Executive, October 2012