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How Can Technology Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Field service employees are the face of most companies. So it’s no surprise that improving field service operations is a top priority for almost every company.

An article on CisionWire’s website breaks down the results of a recent Trimble report that shows 61 percent of businesses expect their service division to grow over the next five years. Nearly 70 percent say customer service is very important.

Using technology wisely is a surefire way to make your customers happy. Using technology to put all the information your techs need on their mobile device can keep them from running around looking for a manual, tool or administrative feature.

Your field service software application is a great place to start improving administrative processes as well. Put data collection tools in the hands of your technicians so they can easily enter labor, parts and expenses for each work order.

You’ll want to make sure the line items are priced and costed and that the margin is calculated. That way all the back office has to do is send out the invoice.

The next step is to produce an invoice that’s automatically posted in financials. This improves your organization without adding overhead administration, letting you do more work with fewer people and without sacrificing service.

That’s important because, as the CisionWire article notes, customer satisfaction matters more than ever for field-based organizations. Most run customer feedback programs and more than half now use social media to monitor input.

Source: Cision Wire, September 2012

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