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How Can Multi-Vendor Services Cut Costs Without Cutting Quality?

Having one service company maintain all of a business’ imaging equipment can cut costs. But do such agreements come with a caveat for businesses?

An article on TechNation’s website argues the answer is yes. The writer explains that companies offering multi-vendor service (MVS) have separate divisions for providing maintenance and repair services.

The traditional service force works on the company’s own brand of equipment. For other equipment, a separate service company is used. Those engineers operate like other independent service organizations (ISOs) in that they do not receive training on the competitors’ equipment, according to the article.

But companies aren’t necessarily losing skill and knowledge by hiring MVS providers. Many multi-vendor service providers strive to deliver consistent and quality service to their customers.

Getting access to subcontractors that are knowledgeable on any individual equipment supplier is becoming increasingly easier. With access to networks of field service technicians through the Internet and brokers’ community groups, the reality is that most MVS providers can reach the resources they need.

This is why service providers should implement administrative software tools to monitor skills, dispatch and price subcontractor services just like they would their own employees. It’s the only way to achieve superior customer service while making reasonable margins.

Source: TechNation, November 2012