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Fieldpoint Shows Off New Mobile Application at Microsoft Convergence 2015

Fieldpoint Releases New Mobile Applications for Fieldpoint’s Service Management Software that is integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Toronto, ON February 20, 2015 – Fieldpoint Service Applications Inc., a premier provider of field service and project management software integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP, today announced it will be releasing new mobile applications at Microsoft Convergence 2015.

It will have seamless online and offline capabilities, so that resources in the field can access work orders and project tasks to capture service details remotely, regardless of internet connectivity. Engineers and consultants will be able to receive work orders, projects tasks, and see appointments on their local device’s calendar application. Field techs and consultants can now map their routes, track labor using timers as well as inputting parts, and expenses. For tight spaces speech recording will come in handy, and as will capturing pictures and signatures for customer documentation.

Fieldpoint has embraced the HTML 5 approach with additional tools that provide customers with superior mobile applications. They are fully integrated with the field service management system integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

“We now have a framework for building cross-platform mobile web applications, that provides data access, and offline storage. Now you don’t have to worry about whether you are connected or not. The technician just uses it, and the device takes care of the rest,” says Phil Smart, VP of Development at Fieldpoint.

Support for Apple iOS and Android will be available.

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