Fieldpoint Launches New Mobile Service Management Product

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Last updated Oct 10, 2017 at 8:48AM | Published on Dec 16, 2015 | Blog, Field Service

Fieldpoint’s field service application has a  great new look that is responsive on any mobile device, is easier than ever to use, and comes with lots of service and project-related features.

  • New User Interface – New elegant tile design, touch sensitive, user personalization with favorites and bookmarks, and a great search feature.
  • Responsive Web Design – The software automatically organizes itself to fit the screen on all of your devices – from smartphones to laptops.
  • Panels and Pinning – Now you can see everything going on with a customer without going to multiple pages within the application.
  • Other Powerful New FeaturesResource Planner with flexible Gantt charts, new customization tools, a suite of SSRS Reports, and much more.
  • Business Intelligence – Intuitive dashboard helps leverage data by generating analytical reports. Keep your customers happy by highlighting challenges before they translate into problems and identify new opportunities.
  • Inspection Checklists – Generated checklists from the serial number of the item being inspected or maintained. Customize manufacturer regulatory compliance, go paperless, and eliminate the risk of missing steps needed to close the work order.

Watch short overview video

There is also a new Downloadable Field Service Mobile App for iOS and Android – This add-on feature can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Power your field resources with these mobile tools that get the job done faster. Empower your enterprise with this advanced field service application.

Please select the link above to view a brief overview video of the new Fieldpoint solution.

We look forward to you joining the next generation of Fieldpoint customers!