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Could You Be Getting More From Manufacturer Training?

Manufacturers value contractor training, and that’s great for service industry businesses.

Properly trained employees perform their job with more efficiency and professionalism, keeping your company ahead of the competition, a recent article on Contractor Magazine explains.

Even with training, it’s vital that all employees have a checklist to verify that everything they need to accomplish on a project gets done. This requires that management provides electronic checklists to field technicians or offers access to technical documentation online with an app.

Your service management and project management system should hold all the documentation your technicians and consultants need to help them do their job. Even highly trained airline pilots use a checklist to make sure every flight is as uneventful as possible.

The Contractor Magazine article highlights Taco, a manufacturer in Rhode Island that takes employee training seriously, offering two-day programs at its $22 million development center.

John Barba, the company’s contractor training and trade program manager, tells the magazine that attendees often come away with more than just technical know-how.

“[It’s about] meeting with, and learning from, peers from other parts of the country, as well as developing a lasting relationship with [the company],” he says. “It’s very gratifying to see members of a group get together after hours to socialize, swap war stories, share ideas and develop new friendships.”

Source: Contractor Magazine, September 2012