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Can Mobile Apps Improve Your Service Efficiency?

Service management solutions need to grow along with your organization. Implementing the right tools to manage your field services employees is important to not only foster growth, but manage resources as well.

Service Management Online has revealed some of the results of their “Service Management Solutions: Your Voice” survey. One thing noted in the article was that 30 percent of the companies responding had teams of more than 250 people, while approximately 25 percent had 10 or fewer employees in the field. The remaining 44.2 percent of respondents had teams of between 10 and 250 employees.

Some of the key points from the survey speak to solutions based on team sizes. Results of the survey show that the bigger a team gets, the more apt they are to use mobile technology. For teams with fewer than 10 mobile engineers, 51.6 percent are using mobile technology.

As the article mentions, there is expected growth as well. When larger teams have more assets, people, jobs and budgets, they are accessing mobile technology at a higher rate. So what about those companies that aren’t using mobile technology? Chances are they don’t fully understand the benefit that going mobile can have for a service organization.

No matter the size of the field services company, giving your service techs mobile access to update tickets and work orders provides tremendous benefits. This is a great tool to provide status updates, time, parts and expense information. If the data can be entered into the system while the tech is in the field, this action can automatically calculate customer entitlement, pricing, costing and profit. Although it takes time for the tech to enter the data, this action alone provides a powerful return on investment.

Source: Service Management Online, September 2012