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Are You Monitoring How Successful Your Installations Are?

Typically, when field contractors finish an installation and get the initial sign off, they move on to the next project. But is that recently installed equipment working flawlessly?

Customers want quality assurance. Nothing is more frustrating than encountering a series of problems with newly installed equipment.

That’s where good communication between installers and users comes into play. An article from Medical Dealer Magazine highlights the importance of getting it right.

“My users are so frustrated with the system that they would like to completely remove it and start over,” writes Jim Fedele, director of clinical engineering for a health system in Pennsylvania, as he describes problems with a telemetry system installation. “It is getting better, but confidence is hard to rebuild when we have had so many problems.”

Service agencies would be able to analyze how well installations went if they could get their call management system to integrate with their installation order system.

Say, for example, that for the first 60 to 90 days after installation, field services companies reference the original installation order every time a customer calls regarding that site. This means the company can reference the time, materials and track issues back to the installation to get a true picture of both profitability and customer satisfaction.

The firm can track the number of callbacks, repairs and updates required to make the customer happy. When it affects your bottom line, field services agencies can use this information to make the changes they need to get it right the first time.

Source: Medical Dealer Magazine, October 2012