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6 Ways To Attract Top Talent In The Field Service Industry

Good technicians can help your company drive revenue. That’s why you want the top talent working for you.

But how do you attract those employees? By developing a culture of excellence. Of course, that doesn’t happen overnight. Changing behavior at your field service organization requires a plan and patience.

An article on The Service Coach’s blog provides six tips to attract top talent:

  1. Create an employee referral program: Compensate employees for bringing in the best technicians from other companies in your industry.
  2. Always be hiring: Attend local employee events and develop partnerships with trade schools. Advertise open positions on your website.
  3. Reduce technicians’ administrative tasks: Put in a good integrated software system and streamline the administrative processes for them. This means giving technicians the minimum amount of paperwork.
  4. Make your software easy to use: Technicians need communication tools so the experts in the back office are accessible when they need support. They need to know that someone will respond immediately to their questions.
  5. Be open to “uninvited” applicants: The best technicians will seek your company out if it’s the best in your industry. The Service Coach blog recommends you reach out to people who show an interest in working for you.
  6. Sell the big picture: Be sure to talk about the opportunity to develop a career at your company rather than merely taking a job. Also mention your state-of-the-art equipment, the perks at your company and the employee culture.

Source: The Service Coach, July 2012