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5 Areas To Focus On In A Driver Safety Program

Drivers are a highly visible part of any field service business. After all, they’re driving trucks covered with the company logo, meaning they hold the keys to the company’s reputation.

But ensuring a good reputation isn’t the only reason it’s so important to maintain a good driving record. Safety is vital, and so is saving money on insurance, lawsuits, repairs and downtime.

That’s where developing a driver safety program can help. But what should be included in a written policy? A Constructor Magazine article lists five areas you should be sure to highlight:

  1. General policy statement covering areas like cellphone use and seat belt rules;
  2. Driver education and training;
  3. Accident reporting and violation points;
  4. Motor vehicle records checks; and
  5. Possible safety reward program.

If your coverage area includes multiple states or countries, be sure to address differences in laws, such as hands-free cellphone use.

Online driver education courses make it easy for drivers to complete lessons and focus on specific issues, according to the Constructor Magazine article. Quizzes can monitor their progress and scores.

Rewards for a good driving record aren’t necessary, but can increase awareness and motivation among drivers.

What’s most important in developing a safe driving plan is enforcing a set of standards for all drivers. Everyone must be held accountable for the program to work.

Source: Constructor Magazine, August 2012

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