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4 Ways To Get Field Technicians On Board With New Software

Most of the headaches from implementing software come from the field technicians.

Explaining the benefits of moving all the data entry to technicians can be a challenge. They spend their time pleasing customers by repairing or installing critical  equipment, completing inspection reports and fine-tuning high-tech gear. Asking them to enter all the call or project details line-by-line can require a little selling on your part.

So, how do you show them new field management software will make their job better? An article on Business2Community offers four tips to help ease the transition:

  1. Tell them why: Spell out the specific reasons the new software must be implemented.
  2. Explain short-term goals: Don’t get overwhelmed with all the details at once. Start by focusing on one task.
  3. Explain long-term benefits: Once you have a schedule for each stage, look at the big picture and final outcomes.
  4. And don’t forget what’s staying the same: Stress what your company does that won’t change – the quality of service. You’re simply implementing new processes so technicians will be better equipped for their tasks.

As the suggestions on Business2Community note, it’s important to explain to technicians why they are a crucial part of the process. When they are able to note exactly what was done on the work order, it completes the work order and moves it on to the next stage in the payment process. It can also update the inventory management system and show what supplies need to be replenished.

To accomplish this, companies must make sure their service management software or job costing system is well integrated with the rest of the business. That way, you can be assured technicians and the business will be paid on time and parts will be available when they need them.

Source: Business2Community, August 2012