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3 Tips To Make Getting Invoices Paid Easier, and Faster

Every day, you should look at your projects and ask, “What can I bill today?” Of course, that’s hard if your system doesn’t indicate what you should be billing for.

Getting paid is often a challenge in the service industry. An article on Lawn & Landscape offers three tips to make it a bit easier:

  1. Get the contract signed: All the stakeholders should sign a deal with clear terms before any work starts or purchases are made.
  2. Make a schedule: Develop a clear payment schedule based on performance.
  3. Send the invoice early in the process: Eliminate delays by invoicing prior to the beginning of each phase.

These are good tips from the Lawn & Landscape article. Contract terms and conditions need to be reviewed every day. Granted, with all the other demands of getting the job done, it’s easy to forget to make time for this kind of review.

That’s why businesses need a flexible billing system to set up terms and conditions right after the sale. That way the system automatically groups the invoices for a regular review.

This requires integrating work orders in the customer billing system. Once it’s in place, management can approve the line items in the system, and let the system send out the invoices.

If your systems are integrated with your financials, collections and month-end reporting should be a snap. However, it’s a two-part deal, and technician involvement is important. They have to input their time and materials or the project manager won’t know how much time technicians spent at a job site or what parts they used.

Source: Lawn & Landscape, September 2012