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2 Ways To Bring Some Predictability To Field Services

No matter how much you try to control things, unpredictable events happen. Whether it’s an unusually mild winter when you’re a snow removal business or a recession, your business to be agile enough to adapt.

Whatever the circumstance, you can take steps to make sure your business runs efficiently.

Many snow removal contractors fell into an all-too-predictable trap last winter, an article on explains. Instead of storing away some profits from a snowy 2010-2011 season, they went on a spending spree, leaving them without cash reserves for the tame winter that followed.

Here are two ways that any field service business can help ensure it is prepared for whatever life throws at it:

  1. Develop a budget: You should constantly be evaluating how to trim administration costs from your service business. Having employees enter the same timesheet, parts and expense data on work orders and projects multiple times is one of the first efficiencies you can easily take care of.

    A good service management system should allow you to quickly enter this information from the field in one or two screens. This mobility should be available via the Web at a minimum and preferably over multiple channels.

  2. Hire subcontractors: More service businesses are taking this route. That way, you can more easily align your resources to your workload. Just make sure the relationship is as streamlined as possible. Treat them like employees with access to a time tracking system so you can better track their hours and project status. Knowing your subcontractor costs first makes it easier to track project profitability and makes billing easier.

Source:, August 2012