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Why Customer Satisfaction Trumps All for Service-Led Businesses

Think lowering costs is the top priority for service-led businesses? Well, you’d be wrong.

New research suggests that customer satisfaction still trumps cutting costs for most field service businesses.

Only 36 percent of respondents to a Trimble study on field service delivery identified cost reduction as a top priority, according to an article on Bdaily Business Network’s website.

Meeting customers’ service expectations remains the core focus for companies.

“The report demonstrates that enterprises are becoming increasingly customer-centric in the field services industry,” says Mark Forest, general manager of Trimble’s field service management division. “In spite of worries surrounding fuel prices and operational costs, businesses realize the need to deliver the best service possible to stay ahead.”

Recognizing that organizations are willing to pay suppliers for higher levels of customer service is important. The hard part is implementing the right service management tools to make the offers, track the entitlements for each customer and monitor processes to ensure you deliver that level of service.

Defining this entitlement and monitoring what you’re delivering requires a good software tool. Customers who want a high level of service are willing to pay for it. However, you need to make certain you are giving the right level of service and entitlements to the corresponding level of customer.

The survey also found that workforce productivity and sustainability ranked as key priorities, the article on Bdaily Business Network reports.

Trimble suggests that these trends show that executives now see field-based workforces as an important strategic value rather than an operational necessity.

Source: Bdaily Business Network, July 2012