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Resource Management and Capacity Planning

Resource Management and Capacity Planning: Your Guide to Maximum Services Efficiency

A resource supply chain requires symbiosis between knowing what your current workload is today and what your workload might be in the future.  In the world of professional services, managing complex people and planning processes via manual tools (spreadsheets) is risky.  Spreadsheets have limited controls, trace-ability and audit-ability.  They will not tell you if you are making money this month or not.  A wrong calculation can be devastating, as seen on Wall Street. Having the right technology aligns people and processes to maximize efficiency.

Managing people without resource management or capacity planning software can result in a range of serious problems like over-commitment, poor quality of service, under-utilization, and even missing service revenue targets due to the inability to hire, train and staff for projects in time.  Let’s examine some of the fundamental competencies that a modern professional services organization should be able to manage for each project, as well as the larger business.

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