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Preparedness Planning and Work Order Management

Preparedness planning is essential for every organization. The ability to action a plan when a crisis occurs can help mitigate risk to people, assets and the environment. A work order management is the glue which holds the plan together. The work order management system is the powerhouse behind a network operations center. It communicates clear action steps, to resolve the problem(s) at hand. The goal is to align first line business units to improve response times and to minimize financial impacts.

Documenting your Incident Plan involves a collective effort with multiple departments and stakeholders. Scenario procedures must be clearly mapped to defined roles, responsibilities, notification rules, workflow escalations, event triggers, action steps and check lists. To assist with the process, Fieldpoint Service Applications has created an editable, work order procedure template. The eight-page document helps kick start your Incident project and pulls everyone onto the same plan.


Download the Incident Procedures Template (PDF)   


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Preparedness Planning and Work Order Management Framework