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Integrated Mobile Technology Gives Service Technicians Access Anytime Anywhere

Fieldpoint’s mobile solution can accommodate a growing field force. Integrated technology offers mobile solutions for field techs, job installers, and project management consultants  


Native Mobile App

Routing and Mapping Customer Work Orders

Integrated Parts Management

Tracking Tasks, Labor, and Expenses

Checklists Management

Capture Pictures and Read Barcodes

Invoicing and Customer Signature

Online and Offline Synchronization

Productivity Tools for Field Service Mobile App

  • Field techs access the mobile app to get customer service request details, driving directions, and warranty information to increase  first-time fix rates
  • Scheduling, work estimates, checklists, troubleshooting, and work order data can now be managed on-site by your techs. They can account for their work, follow assigned steps for a task, entitle work requested while on site and come prepared to answer customer inquiries
  • Online and offline capabilities so that an active connection is not required – efficient for work in basements and new constructions
Mobile App for Field Service Software - Fieldpoint
Mobile App for Field Service Software - Fieldpoint

Empower Field Techs with Everything They Need to Succeed– Delivered Right to their Mobile Device

  • Dispatchers provide field techs with real-time views of assignments, allowing them to accept calls instantly, reducing time and money spent on operations
  • Field employees easily capture pictures, customer signatures, scan barcodes, and track time, parts, and expenses on each project task or work order
  • With ERP integration, a closed work order immediately creates an invoice in the accounting system, reducing date entry

Flexible Mobile Checklist Makes Sure You Meet Regulatory Requirements

  • Collect information needed for reporting, create a list of items  to be completed to close  work orders, and have mandatory fields filled out for any maintenance/inspection– never miss a step in your service calls again
  • Unmatched customization and flexibility– you can create unlimited fields and rules to empower your techs with  clear  instructions to reduce  margin of error

Field Techs Can Transmit Parts Requests and Log Service Reports in Real Time

  • Field techs can check stocks and create purchase orders in the field
  • Easy to search  parts and products in trunk stock (and the trunk stock of nearby techs) so  inventory is fully utilized and time is saved
  • Track serialized and batch-controlled inventory, receive shipments into inventory, transfer inventory between technicians and depots — all this is possible with fully integrated accounting


Mobile App for Field Service Software - Fieldpoint
Mobile App for Field Service Software - Fieldpoint
Mobile App for Field Service Software - Fieldpoint
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