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How Is Mobile Computing Reshaping the Way Technicians Work?

Mobile computing has and will continue to revolutionize the way service technicians work.

From assigning jobs via a dispatch program to optimizing driving routes with a GPS system and tracking a technician’s progress to the customer, everything is now up-to-the-minute in the field service industry.

“We’re in the midst of changing the way we do business and it couldn’t happen at a better time,” one software marketing director tells Contractor Magazine.

Any customer relationship information can now be incorporated into a technician’s everyday life. If you’re able to bring CRM to the technicians, they’ll have access to bids and estimates just like the sales department.

Bringing your sales folks into the process is key. Project managers and service technicians also should have access to estimates, bids and quotes given to customers. This way, they can keep up-to-date on email communications between your implementation teams and the customers.

For bigger jobs, it’s important that the technician knows what was quoted and what should actually be delivered. With a mobile device, the technician can access the exact terms of the service contract. That’s valuable information. You want to make sure you’re not delivering more or less than what the customer paid for.

This is only the beginning of the mobile computing revolution, the Contractor Magazine article points out. New software and apps are being developed every day, paving the way for technicians to collect even more real-time information from job sites.

Source: Contractor Magazine, June 2012