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3 Ways To Keep Customers Coming Back

Field services companies should take a lesson from Comcast, which recently moved beyond the cable market and into several service industries. The company’s latest foray is into HVAC.

A new service allows homeowners to remotely control HVAC systems via web-based software, according to a post on The Service Coach’s blog.

So what can other field services firms learn from Comcast’s move? The blog offers three key lessons:

  1. Differentiate your services: Find something you can deliver that nobody else in your market offers.
  2. Keep existing customers: Attracting new customers is much more expensive and time-consuming than retaining current clients. Provide value-added services to keep them engaged.
  3. Offer convenience: Reduce barriers from the purchasing process. The Service Coach site suggests you use technology to make it as easy as possible to keep your customers doing business with you.

This is a good lesson. Retaining customers doesn’t have to be difficult, nor do you need all the resources that Comcast has to do it well.

What you need is customer relationship management software that pulls information from your service management software and your customer base.

For example, selling maintenance contracts can drive substantial revenue for industrial contractors and equipment repair companies. Merely sending your customers an invoice for next year’s maintenance contracts is a lost opportunity to sell them additional services. Your service management systems should automatically generate renewal opportunities that not only send out a renewal quote, but also get your marketing and sales force actively making new offers.

Many of these offers can be justified by mining financial data based on the existing customer activity in your service system. That data shows how customers are using your products and services. Go get that data and use it to create meaningful offers.

Source: The Service Coach, March 2012